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Located in South Oxfordshire we offer recording, mixing, song writing and production services.

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Bring Your Ideas To Life With Audas Music.

We work across all musical genres, developing all types of artists ranging from bands, to top line vocalists and singer songwriters.

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Song Writing

Josh is an experienced and talented songwriter who can write songs in various genres and styles. Whether you need a catchy pop tune, a heartfelt ballad, a rocking anthem or a rap verse, Audas Music can deliver it.

Audas Recording Studio


Tell your story! Record music with Audas Music and capture your listeners emotions. Audas Music have a professional recording studio that offers a range of services, such as production, live instrument tracking and mixing.

Mixing Music


Audas Music currently use the latest version of ProTools, and to ensure that your mix sounds crisp, clear, and balanced we have access to a wide range of plugins and effects that can enhance your sound. 

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Audas Music

Josh founded Audas Music Production in 2022 with the aim of supporting artists to write exceptional music and help develop their sound. Having written original music for his own band, Josh recognized that his passion lays in the studio, and was inspired to learn the production process from the inside out. Josh understands the value of collaboration and strives to provide a dynamic and welcoming environment. With over 10 years experience in bands, touring, performing and recording, Josh believes the creative process should be constructive, challenging and inspiring.

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